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It is always a good time to send a thought or a gift to a friend, family member, client, or co-worker. We make it easy to find just the right one. Our cards and gifts all tell the recipients that you have them "in mind."

Our cards are gifts in themselves. Each of them is an original piece of art, with a unique message. Senders can be sure that they are sharing a new idea or fresh laugh every time. Our cards are never generic.

Sharp, witty, incisive, insightful
We specialize in offering more than just a general message. Our cards and gifts are designed mindfully for unique, thoughtful people to give to other unique individuals. Our delight is in creating moments of connection and shared insight.

We can:

  • help you express a particular feeling or thought;
  • focus upon a profession, hobby, or area of interest; or
  • share a humorous moment.

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