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"Buddhist Cosmos" Wall Clock

The perfect gift for people interested in Buddhism, cosmology, or unusual timepieces...

This unique wall clock features a Buddhist map of the cosmos. This map is the basis of the Buddhist symbol of the stupa--the dome shape we see on the tops of temples. In the map, the stupa is called the "Primordial Hillock" and incorporates the shape of ancient, pre-Buddhist burial mounds. (The stupa shape can of course be found in many natural formations as well.) The hill represents the earth in its most primal state, like a lump of clay in the hands of a potter or sculptor. The central axis (the line reaching up to the zenith) can be likened to the sacrificial stake and to the concept of the "axis mundi" (connecting the earthly realm to the spiritual). In Norse religions, this is the World Tree, and for the Buddhists it's the Bodhi tree of enlightenment. Below the primordial hillock and feeding the world axis is the primordial ocean, which represents the sea of consciousness, or the cosmos, or all that is uncreated. This map also depicts the cycle of the sun as well as the water cycle, showing how everything works in harmony, how everything revolves, and how cycles are always repeated. The elements of earth (hillock), water (ocean), fire (sun), and air (realm of clouds) are all represented. The concept of yin and yang is also shown through the light upper half and the dark lower half (complete with black sun). The concept of reincarnation is seen in the half sun of the sunrise (birth), full sun of the zenith (peak of life), half sun of the sunset (maturity), and dark sun of night (death).

The clock is 10 inches in diameter, with a black plastic case. Made in the USA. Requires 1 AA battery (included).


Clock(s) at $15.00 each

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"Follow Your Bliss" Compass

Perfect for anyone interested in Joseph Campbell, self improvement, positive thinking, or who needs to break old patterns...

"Follow Your Bliss!" Those three little words by the great mythologist Joseph Campbell teach a profound lesson in tapping the energy that makes you tick. But how do you begin? Start using the Follow Your Bliss Compass to put yourself on the right track. Any time you feel bored, dissatisfied, or lost throughout the day, give the compass a spin and follow the advice it points to. You'll find yourself becoming mindful of the blissful energy within you. Following your bliss is always a real adventure into the uncharted center of yourself.

Now available for free online:

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